Friday, December 16, 2005


FLORENCE AGAIN! better this time.

Hi everyone. School is done. and now i have stolen Karen's computer to do my blog updating like a nerdlinger. Keep in mind she took most of these fabulous photos. sooo. Last night I got this pasta dish with salmon and then ate a lot of gelato and then i spent the night puking those things up and rolling about uncomfortably. I feel a little better by this point but, I am glad that this is all happening now at least, because it kind of put a definite end to my desire to eat pasta and gelato for a while. pizza for the rest of the week and then im outta here. and i'll eat nana pasta eventually but i need some of gramper's buttermilk pancakes stat!!! These first few pictures are of me and Karen killing time in our bedroom, first being karen in our closet, second we foundsome nice headbands. The next couple of photos are of the piazza navona right by my house which has a christmas carnival set up in it right now. Carousel time!

So. Last Thursday we took a day trip to Florence, and it was great. We got there at about 9:30 am and walked around the open market. I got a pair of old Levi's and Karen got a fabulous new coat (as featured in these pictures). We then ate lunch and spent the afternoon at the Uffizi and the Academia. The Uffizi was magnificent! We spent most of our time there, there was a lot of really important artwork, including the Birth of Venus. Which is spectacular, all of Botticelli's work was. It is very good that we spent the afternoon in the museums because it was raining and very cold there, well colder than rome. There are plenty of photos of the city and all, and the final photo is of a kid we found playing his gameboy in a cheesy reindeer headband.


Dinner at our art history teacher's, and a visit from Laura.

These first couple of pictures are from quite a while ago, a group of us waiting for the bus to go see a band on the outskirts of the city wall. The next couple are of karen and me dancing in the street for no apparent reason, it was when they first put up the christmas lights and we were pretty excited about it.

Okay on to the tales to tell: First our arthistory teacher invited us to his house for him to cook for us so he could impress us with his mighty culinary skills. mmmm. We took the train for about an hour to his small town north of Rome called Bracciano. First he took us to this castle that was full of lots of castley stuff. These are the first photos. The weather was amazing and there was a beautiful view from the top of the castle. There is a lake right next to the town and you could see plenty of lovely mountains and I could breathe! the air was amazing, but there was a heavy breeze as a storm was rolling in. After the castle we ran a few errands to get the bread, noodles, and chickens. I put up a photo of the tortellini making machine, it shot them out so fast, a lot faster than when my nana has to make them by hand. So by the time we got to his little apartment it was raining, so it was really wonderful to spend the rest of the day in his house feasting. We had sooo many courses, and each one was spectacular. And he has a wonderful 7 year old daughter that I ended up hanging out with quite a bit. She drew a picture of me, and then one of Karen (we kept them.) She also speaks Italian and english fluently and is learning a little chinese, but she also asked me how i felt about Hillary Duff.... Anyways the whole thing was a wonderful and we left full of wine and delicious Roman food.

After the photos from dinner is a picture of me with our pals Kim and Maria, gelato break. But then we have a zillion photos of Laura's visit! She has been in Paris for a few months and is spending a year there teaching english to french middleschoolers. So she was only here for a few nights but it was great. The first night she was here it was pouring, we went to see the Trevi Fountain and there was no one there! There are always a ton of people there taking their picture in front of it trying to impossibly crop all of the tourists out of it. But since it was pouring no one was there so we got these great photos of us front in center. Then Karen and Laura jumped in the puddles in front of these giant old columns, i stayed under the umbrella and took pictures. The next day we went to the colleseum and the forum (lots of old ruins), after that we went to St. Clemente, it was my third time but it was still fantastic. It is the church with three layers of history, Laura, (like mom), loooved it. After that we went to the cappucino place and I got a heart with an R in my cappucino. THAT is a big deal. I have a pal in this city and his name is Luigi and he makes the best cappucinos ever. We spent the rest of our time getting lost and finding new cool old stuff that we hadn't seen before, it was fun. Laura went to my art history class with us, and we got to go to this clock tower above piazza navona, it was soooo cool. It was really great having another fresh face around, even if it was just for a little bit.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Finishing up.

Ahhh my classes are basically over. I had an arthistory test wednesday and now i;m just kind of working on taking it all in and moving it all out. Karen is busy working away like all of my other pals on their graphic design projects that are due on Wednesday. That is why i have not posted a blog recently, because first I was fretting about the test and finishing my projects and now Karen is stuck to her computer. Which reveals the secret to everyone that I always use Karen;s computer and her photos, because she is sooo nice and lets me. and all of those really amazing pictures, she took them. So thaaankyou Karen.

Since I last updated a lot has happened and there are plenty of pictures, including Laura visiting from Paris, and a day trip to Florence. But I don;t have good pictures, because i dont take good pictures, like i said Karen. So I thought that I could scan in some of my drawings from my notebooks, and a few other random pictures. And then this darn blog can just be out of order and I;ll update the other stuff later and I wont have to do it all at once and be whiney about it. So this collection pictures consists of: First drawings from my notebooks, and the books I;ve been making, plus me in studio. Next there are a couple pictures of the bookstands that i am so addicted to i have been making the notebooks out of, and a picture of a hillarious comic book i found. Then there are some pictures ofmy walk to school and some things I see, including my favorite daily graffiti's one drawn with crayon and the other with sharpie. Then the patch on my fabulous new but old levis from florence that fit perfectlyeee. And in closing some pictures of me and Karen sitting around making the same faces we always make.


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